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Why You Should Choose Sakarya University?

Sakarya University, one of the leading universities in Turkey, is working to prepare you global competition with its expert and competent academic staff and accredited programs. Sakarya University’s motto is “Shape Your Future”. There might be various factors that lead you to choose Sakarya University. Some of them are:

15 Reasons to Choose Sakarya University

  1. The Only University with European Excellence Award
  2. Prominent and Internationally Recognized Academic Staff
  3. Internationally Recognized Degree
  4. Double Degree Opportunity
  5. International University-Wide International Student Portfolio
  6. Strong Informatics Infrastructure
  7. Limitless Access to Knowledge- 7/24 Open Library
  8. Applied Education/ Start Worklife One Step Ahead
  9. A Unique Peaceful Campus
  10. Leader in Student Exchange
  11. Appealing Program Variety
  12. Entrepreneurial University
  13. Active University
  14. Sakarya Technocity
  15. A Huge Alumnae Community