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Turkish Proficiency Levels

In Sakarya University, a certain level of Turkish proficiency is required to start to get education:

C1 Level: Adequate knowledge of Turkish. Can start education.

B2 Level: Open to develop Turkish proficiency in a short time. Can start education at Sakarya University, however required to take Turkish courses offered by TÖMER and get (C1) level until graduation.

B1- A2-A1 Level: Insufficient Turkish level. These students will be on leave for 1 + 1 year. (For those who cannot attain sufficient level of Turkish at the end of the first year, an additional period of one year is granted, but this additional period is counted as the course of study.) At the end of this period, the proficiency level in Turkish has to be raised to level B2.

Those who cannot submit the Turkish Proficiency Certificate at the end of the specified period will be dismissed from the University.