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There is a Medico Social Center in the Esentepe Campus of Sakarya University which serves all the day. This center can be used for emergency cases and policlinic services are provided in various branches. All students with general health insurance benefit from health services free of charge.

  1. Health Insurance

International students, who will study in Turkey through Türkiye Scholarship, are taken under the coverage of ‘general health insurance’ in order to give them equal, qualified and comprehensive health services, which are supplied by the Turkish government.

Within the framework of ‘Scholarship of Turkey’, health expenses of current students are covered by their universities in certain circumstances. Students with ‘general health insurance’ can benefit from state hospitals without a fee and also private hospitals paying a moderate (Contribution) fee.

Students, who are treated in hospitals or health centers, can be examined by submitting their ‘health insurance card’ which is given by the Ministry of Health. The medications prescribed by doctors can be supplied from the pharmacies just paying a moderate (Contribution) fee. Pharmacies are open until 19:00 every day. Also, there are on-duty pharmacies after that time.

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1. General Health Insurance for Foreigners

Will foreign students be covered by general health insurance?

Regardless of the condition of residence for 1 year foreign students studying in our country will be covered by general health insurance if they claim within three months from the date of initial enrollment in the educational institution. General health insurance provisions do not apply to those who are not present during this period.

What is the general health insurance premium rate that foreign students will pay?

The premium rate that foreign students are required to pay is 4 of minimum wage. Within this scope, general health insurance premiums regarding that semester are paid to the institution within one month from the date of registration. The premiums to be incurred due to future changes in the minimum wage are paid to the Institution until the end of the month when the change is implemented. There is a minimum wage change every January and students are required to check the premiums they will pay during this time period. Students receive an annual registration and they are required to pay a one-year premium.

How are the general health insurance policies for foreign students under 18?

This can be carried out within the framework of protocols between general health insurance registration procedures, public administrations, host institutions of the incoming student, and the Social Security Institution. Also; registration of foreign students whether under the age of 18 or not may be fulfilled by parents/trustee or institutions/organizations bringing them to Turkey

How are the general health insurance policies of foreign students terminated?

The general health insurance of foreign students ends after the end of their education or when they get general health insurance in some other way than education.

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