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Applicants must certify their proficiency levels in Turkish. The documents taken from the centers of the Turkish Language Teaching (TÖMER) of the Yunus Emre Institute and various universities in Turkey are valid. TÖMER documents must be received within the last 2 years as of the date of enrollment at the University.

The Turkish proficiency levels of candidates who cannot present these documents are determined according to the results of the Turkish Proficiency Exam conducted by Sakarya TÖMER. Those who cannot pass the Turkish Proficiency Exam start preparatory education at Sakarya University TÖMER. Students are expected to obtain a Turkish Proficiency Certificate at level C1 after approximately 8 months of preparatory training which ends in June. Students who receive the C1 certificate in June will be considered successful and can continue their education in the department they are enrolled in. Unsuccessful students are granted additional time and examination until September. Those who cannot succeed until September and those who cannot provide the Turkish Proficiency Level in the determined additional periods will be dismissed from the university.

Turkish proficiency of candidates who completed their secondary education in a Turkish high school which is subject to the Ministry of National Education is considered to be sufficient.