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15 Reasons to Choose Sakarya University

Sakarya University, one of the leading universities in Turkey, is working to prepare you global competition with its expert and competent academic staff and accredited programs. Sakarya University’s motto is “Shape Your Future”. There might be various factors that lead you to choose Sakarya University. Some of them are:

1. The Only University with European Excellence Award

Sakarya University is the only university in Turkey that has the European Quality Award which is one the most respected awards in the World. Sakarya University initiated quality studies in 2000 and get the results by getting the institution crowned with ‘Turkish Excellence Award’ and sustained its success by receiving the 'Turkish Continuity of Excellence Award' in 2013. SAU, the only university that has achieved these achievements at national level, has also added a new achievement to its success by getting the EFQM European Excellence Award in 2015.

2. Prominent and Internationally Recognized Academic Staff

Maintaining the equal and qualified education for all students, Sakarya University is developing its academic cast both in quantity and quality-related terms. Sakarya University emphasizes internationalization as most of its academic staff has experienced a study abroad.

242 professors, 213 associate professors and 502 assistant professors with a total of 2 thousand qualified and competent teaching staff are ready to prepare students to the life in the best way possible.

3. Internationally Recognized Degree

Sakarya University alumni obtain a commentary document which is recognized internationally.

The DS is produced by national institutions according to a template that has been developed by a Joint European Commission - Council of Europe - UNESCO working party. This template, which has been tested and developed by a partnership body organized by these three institutions, is organized in all official languages of the European Union. The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document attached to a higher education diploma aiming at improving international ‘transparency' and at facilitating the academic and professional recognition of qualifications (diplomas, degrees, certificates etc.).

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4. Double Degree Opportunity

Sakarya University stands out as there are many opportunities to double major in various faculties and departments.Qualified students in terms of GPA and other conditions have the opportunity to take courses from two different programs simultaneously and have a double degree.

5. International University-Wide International Student Portfolio

There are 4000 foreign students from 60 different country which is a part of the Sakarya University’s internationalization process. Sakarya University is one of the most welcoming universities of foreign students in Turkey through this number. Students of Sakarya University share a potential of developing their world-view through their friends who come from various parts of the world.

6. Strong Informatics Infrastructure

Sakarya University offers Wi-fi and computer labs accessible to students throughout the campus. Moreover, students have the opportunity to borrow laptops with their IDs. Sakarya University students can rapidly register, re-register, and see their grades and other on-line services through SABIS (Sakarya University Information System)

Thanks to SABIS (Sakarya University Information System) students of Sakarya University can register quickly, renew registration, check their grades and access many other services online.

7. Limitless Access to Knowledge- 7/24 Open Library

Targeting a student population that spends its leisure time with books and (online) resources that are accessible without time limitations, maintains an open Central Library for the whole day. With a study environment made useful with computer labs that provides internet access, Central Library provides students with limitless reach to knowledge and wireless internet.

Sakarya University Central Library, serves 1300 people simultaneously 24/7 in a 10000 m2 area. Sakarya University students have limitless full-text access to over 250000 hardcopy books and millions of electronic resources.

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8. Applied Education/ Start Worklife One Step Ahead

Through 3+1 and 7+1 Applied Education Model which Sakarya University developed in collaboration with industrial institutitions and applied for the first time in Turkey by itself students begin to work one step ahead. Thanks to a model that integrates theoretical knowledge with implications students both acquire necessary knowledge and skills to their fields.

According to various studies Sakarya University stands among the universities from which its graduates most easily find their jobs. Human resources website reports that Sakarya University shines out among the universities that its graduates most easily find their jobs in Turkey. In this regard, Sakarya University is on the 4th rank after Istanbul, Marmara and Kocaeli Universities.

9. A Unique Peaceful Campus

Every possible opportunity is provided for the students of Sakarya University which has a green campus with a panorama of Sapanca Lake. Students have their education in a calm atmosphere right next to Istanbul without its bustling city life. They also benefit from post and bank offices in the campus. Students have access to various lunch opportunities in the central cafeteria and numerous cafes in the campus. All of the campuses of Sakarya University have Wi-Fi connection and computer labs accessible to students. Students have access opportunities to millions of resources in the Library 24/7.

10. Leader in Student Exchange

Sakarya University, is among top universities that send the biggest number of students to foreign countries and moreover it is one of the universities that has the highest budget for Erasmus Exchange programs.Thanks to the bilateral agreements, SAU ranks 3rd in terms of the number of the outgoing students.

Sakarya University has agreements with 240 universities in 40 countries on the basis of Erasmus and Mevlana student exchange programs. Sakarya University is the third university that sends the biggest number of students abroad, besides being the university that allocates the largest amount of budget for Erasmus student exchange programs in Turkey.

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Sakarya University students have the opportunity to continue their education programs in 94 different universities located in 81 provinces of Turkey. The Farabi Exchange Program aims to enable students or faculty members to continue their education and training activities in a higher education institution outside their institutions during one or two semesters.

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11. Appealing Program Variety

Sakarya University, with its 16 faculties, 3 schools, 15 vocational schools, 5 institutes and 500 different departments, is among the universities with the richest program diversity among the universities in Turkey.

Many of Sakarya University's programs have been accredited by impartial national and international organizations. Sakarya University is the leader in terms of accreditation, which is one of the most important indicators for the international recognition and competence of a university. Sakarya University is the university with the most accredited programs in Turkey.

See the program diversity here:

12. Entrepreneurial University

Sakarya University ranked top in the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index, ranked by TÜBİTAK according to universities' performance in entrepreneurship and innovation.

TUBITAK's Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index, which was prepared for the first time in 2012, has been awarded to universities as 'Scientific and Technological Research Competency', 'Intellectual Property Pool', 'Cooperation and Interaction', 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation Culture' and 'Economic Contribution and Commercialization' five different areas are determined by points received. SAÜ, one of Turkey's most entrepreneurial and innovative top 50 universities, rose 24 ranks and surpassed many leading universities in the country. In addition to the strong advances and support that it has made in recent years in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation and by its academics and academic publications, projects, patents and entrepreneurship, SAU has also contributed to the support provided by TechnoCity   and ADAPTTO-Technology Transfer Office, as well.

Sakarya University is also among the universities that have received the most projects in Turkey.

13. Active University

There are conferences, panels, seminars, congresses, and interview all year round at Sakarya University. Through a series of activities organized by student societies which are near 100, student have a chance on socially developing themselves and they are able to get to know business life without having to graduate thanks to their career communities.

There are more than a hundred student organizations in Sakarya University which supports all kinds of sports, cultural, artistic and scientific activities of the students.There is a wide variety of groups that allow students to develop themselves in the area they are interested in as a member of that society.

14. Sakarya Technocity

Sakarya Technopolis is one of the most technologically developed TechnoCity in Turkey. Sakarya University received the award at the "Technology Development Zones Summit" organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in the third summit 2015. Sakarya TechnoCity, according to the data of 2014, rose to the 17th place from the 34th place and became the second fastest developed TechnoCity in a year.

15. A Huge Alumnae Community

Since 1992, Sakarya University has graduated more than 180K students. Sakarya University graduates will be proud to be a member of this great family when they meet with graduates of Sakarya University in public and private sectors.  Sakarya University's highly qualified students who have a free-mind, protects human rights, respects humanity, conserves the national and moral values, believes in team spirit and who is prescient, democrat, inquisitive and critical, competitive, and who has social relationships strong are building the future of Turkey after graduating.